American Student Rider Organization




The opportunity of a lifetime awaits University students in the United states; the chance to represent their country in International Student Riding competitions.  The USA Student Riders is the United States organization that supports AIEC (World University Equestrian Federation) which organizes Student Rider Nations Cup competitions all throughout Europe and North America.

The AIEC competitions create a family from around the world.  There are many new faces at each competition but there are many familiar faces as well.  It is amazing how close student riders become Nation’s Cup to Nation’s Cup ultimately becoming one big team.  Everybody supports one another, laughs with one another, and dances with one another in a fun filled few days of riding and social events.  After just one competition, you will go home singing the songs of the Irish Riding Team, or the chants of Spain.  It is not unusual to find a Canadian flag sticker somewhere on your clothing, a Belgian flag painted on your face, or dutch orange polish on your finger nails.




  • AIEC SRNC USA Goal: $45000.00 Raised: $1200.00 0 donations